About Goa

It is has always been a delight for the travelers visiting Goa due to the remarkable worship places, unique architecture and exotic beaches. It exists on country’s western part and is smallest as compared to other states in area as well as less populated. Major area of Konkan region is covered by Goa with Arabian Sea situated on the West, Maharashtra towards the North of Goa and Karnataka on East and South. The capital of Goa is Panaji and this state is the richest in terms of GDP. The scenic beauty offered by this state is what attracts thousands of tourists round the year such as beautiful beaches, sizzling Goa escorts, amazing hills and natural beauty visible all round the place.


The climate of Goa is typical and moderate tropical monsoon with very chilled winters and hot as well as humid summers. The climate offers a soothing effect throughout the year. July is the month that receives highest amount of rainfall and the main season of this state is monsoon. Climate is one reason that makes it an amazing destination for holidays, especially for the international travelers.

Culture and Society

Diversity in culture is what one can experience when being in Goa and the rich heritage includes amazing folk tales and visual arts, folk dances and songs as well as marvelous music. Indian festivals such as Holi, Dussera and Diwali are all celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Indo-Latin carnivals or festivals are also celebrated along with few others like Shigmo, Zatra, Goa Escorts Services and Shivaratri. The traditional forms of music popular in Goa involve Mando and Dulpod. Goan theatre is liked and appreciated by many along with the famous dance forms like dashavatara, corridinho, Fugdi etc. Handicrafts prepared by the locals in Goa are also quite unique and amazing as they are made up of natural materials such as bamboo, clay, brass, coconut and sea shells, stone, jute, wood, fabric and so on.

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The official spoken language of Goa is Konkani and the second official language famous among the people of Goa is Marathi which is also taught in some of the schools. Goa Escorts have adapted to English as a language because most of the tourist visiting Goa speak this language frequently. To be able to deal with the international tourists effectively, Goa guides have incorporated languages such as Dutch, Italian and French. Hindi is also understood and spoken by the locals of Goa. People of specific communities also speak Gujarati, Urdu and Kanada.


Goa is signified as the Pearl of the East, which is visited by huge number of tourists throughout the year. It is affirmed as the paradise on Earth due to the beautiful temples and churches, scenic beauty as well as the mesmerizing beaches which attracts the travelers from different parts of the world. Number of amazing beaches can be visited such as Morjim, Candolim, Anjuna and Bambolim in North of Goa or Varca, Majroda, Colva and Benaulim beaches situated in South Goa. One can even look for wildlife sanctuaries like Cotigao and Bondla as well as museums such as archaeological, naval aviation and Goa state museum. Many famous forts are there for grabbing the attention of the tourists. There has Russian Escorts in Goa  who are part of the carnivals and parties that are held all through the year, especially at the time of peak seasons like October, November and December. Exotic hotels and resorts also help in making the vacation of the tourists an amazing experience for the lifetime. Water sports and adventure is also what one can gain by visiting this exceptionally superb place.

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The transportation system is remarkable and well-connected giving an easy access to the tourists. Number of airways can be seen in Goa which is useful for both international and domestic flights. Railway facility is also superb connecting different parts of the country together. Bus services can be availed when in Goa for visiting the places such as Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Though these buses prove to be expensive but are far better than the trains as a person feels more comfortable in them and reaches the destination much faster. Lot of buses run the entire day giving an ease to the visitors. In the city, one can choose from the options available like rickshaws, taxis, private cars as well as the motorcycle taxis which can be taken in the interior parts of the city.

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This city receives highest GDP as compared to the entire country because the main industry is tourism which helps in generating higher amount every year. Second economic source for the city is mining as Goa is very rich in metal ores like iron, limestone, silica and manganese as well as minerals. Agriculture of Goa is developed extremely well and the major crops grown are coconut, rice, areca and cashew. Fishing industry is also another income source for the locals. Some of the other industries that are a part of the state’s economy include chemicals, fertilizers, footwear, steel etc.

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Night Life in Goa

The night life of Goa is very happening as tourists have the options of parties and carnivals that go on till late night. Clubs provide drinks and people get an opportunity to meet different people from different parts of the world at one place. Being the perfect place for vacations, people find the place extremely appealing as it offers lot of entertainment sources and helps people make the most out of the options available. Vibrant life at night is suitable for Independent Goa Escorts and for every tourist visiting the city. Spending time at the exotic beaches is also a good option for the travelers as there are a lot of amazing beaches in Goa.

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